Krav Maga United Kingdom is an International Network of Krav Maga Schools, Clubs, and Academies that have One Aim and One United Goal: “To teach as many people as possible the most practical, realistic and effective, lifesaving self-defence skills.”

We put our students first.  We are not about making profits; we are about teaching Krav Maga to: our students, charities, schools, work forces, the police, everyone.  We want to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Krav Maga United Kingdom (KMUK) is a professional, friendly and welcoming Krav Maga Network and Partner.  We support you and your Krav Maga club and give you access to all the training you require. How? All KMUK Instructors are free to train with whom they please (i.e. with any Kraver or Martial Artist from any location, country, or Organisation), and train together by joining each other’s Instructor Updates and Training events, classes, etc.  We are one big Krav Maga Family.