On the 21st November the Chief Instructor of Spartans Academy (and Founder of KMUK), Gheorghe Husar, ran a Krav Maga Seminar for West Country Krav Maga.

Clint Badlam and Gheorghe taught the students defences against stick and knife attacks.  These new techniques were introduced: to Gheorghe Husar via private study and training with Itay, to Spartans Academy at a Krav Maga Weapons Seminar, and to Clint Badlam at a later Seminar with Itay Gil.  Professor Itay Gil, IDF Captain who served in Israel’s special forces and joined Israel’s elite counter-terror and hostage rescue commando unit “Yamam”,  has over 33 years of hand to hand and Krav Maga actual combat study to meet the needs of the real life situations he faced in his 14 years of active duty combat experience.

These new simpler Krav Maga Self Defence techniques give us the right tools so that we can perform effectively under the stress of a sudden violent attack, using one technique that covers all types of stick attacks and one technique that covers all kinds of knife attacks (from different angles).

Thank you to West Country Krav Maga and Gheorghe Husar for making this such a successful first Krav Maga event for Krav Maga United Kingdom.