Welcome to Krav Maga United Kingdom!

KMDT Krav Maga

We are very happy to welcome Krav Maga Defence Tactics (KMDT) UK to the KMUK Krav Maga Network.

Director Sanjeev Mehta, Krav Maga Expert and Chief Instructor of KMDT and his team are excited to be part of Krav Maga United Kingdom.

Introducing Instructor Sanjeev, with over 20 year experience in the practice and instructing of Martial Arts, Krav Maga and Self Defence as well as bringing knowledge from Psychological and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), KMDT have a fantastic lead Instructor!

Mehta gained his Expert Krav Maga Level (Black Belt) in 2017, has worked with Vicky Kapoor of IUKMF, received his instructor licence through the Institute of Krav Maga UK and Tomasz Adamczyk, Poland and also has experience working on the frontline in the security industry.

Sanjeev and KMDT run a no-egos allowed, family orientated club, with many classes across Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes, these are now listed here: KMDT Classes

Helping people to overcome their fears, building their confidence and providing them with practical self-defence skills is Sanjeev Mehta and his Team’s priority.   

People before profit.

KMDT have acquired the best parts of Martial Arts and further combined them with recognised Psychological and NLP techniques to move Krav Maga into what they believe gives students a real sense of useful and usable Self Defence training.

Always moving forward.

With this background and experience, KMDT have been able to help numerous children and adults alike – strengthening bonds, trust and respect with families – and Sanjeev and his Team are invited to teach in schools all over the UK.

With a strong belief in Krav Maga United Kingdom’s ethos, we are looking forward to what the future holds for KMDT within KMUK.